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Android 14 may not exactly be new at this point, but it’s a relatively recent rollout for lots of Android devices — and no matter how long you’ve had it on your phone or tablet, it’s probably still packing some out-of-the-way additions you’ve yet to encounter.

So whether you’ve been living with Android 14 since its initial release in October or you just saw it show up over the past several weeks, it’s well worth your while to plop on the nearest explorer’s hat and dive deep into Google’s latest and greatest update. (And if you’re among those still waiting for the software to reach you, (a) my condolences; (b) consider a Pixel for your next purchase if timely and reliable updates matter to you (which, ahem, they absolutely should!); and (c) kindly file this knowledge away in your noggin for future reference — hopefully not too far in the future.)

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