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Will a Google-Apple deal kill Microsoft’s AI dominance?

Microsoft is sitting on top of the world right now, thanks to its lead in AI. It’s the most valuable company on the planet, with a valuation of more than $3.2 trillion. Its rise was rocket-fueled by its investor relationship with OpenAI, the company that makes the wildly popular generative AI (genAI) chatbot ChatGPT. OpenAI’s […]

A hidden new twist to a top Android Chrome trick

Hey. You. Yes, you — the one there with the moist eyeballs, staring at this suspiciously smudgy screen. I want to let you in on a little secret. It’s technically a two-part secret, as the first part is something incredibly useful that hardly anyone realizes is possible — and the second part is a completely […]

Endangered Firefox?

At this point, the best thing Mozilla Corp. has going for it is that it is not a publicly traded company, because if it was, its stock would be getting slaughtered. The company’s CEO, Mitchell Baker, recently departed, and recent reports put its share of the browser market in the low single digits. But Mozilla […]

How to control your Android phone with your face

We’ve been exploring unconventional ways to control your favorite Android device with physical gestures — y’know, real-world movements like shaking and flipping the thing in a variety of specific ways. But get this: Android also has the ability to let you interact with your phone by simply moving your face. I kid you not: A […]

26 note-perfecting tips for Google Keep on Android

I really need to upgrade my brain’s internal storage. I’m only partially kidding: Just like a hard drive, I’m pretty sure my mind reached maximum capacity at some point in the past decade. The only way I can remember anything these days is by making and maintaining a million notes, both physical and digital. (My […]

Google calls Microsoft’s cloud practices in the EU anti-competitive

Google Cloud has joined AWS and Europe-based Cloud Infrastructure Services Providers in Europe (CISPE) in protesting Microsoft’s anticompetitive cloud software licensing practices in the EU. “Microsoft’s cloud licensing restrictions restrict choice and create harmful downstream impacts for companies, ranging from higher costs to more security breaches to a chilling effect on smaller cloud and software […]

Download: UEM vendor comparison chart 2024

Unified endpoint management (UEM) is a strategic IT approach that consolidates how enterprises secure and manage an array of deployed devices including phones, tablets, PCs, and even IoT devices. As remote and hybrid work models have become the norm over the past two years, “mobility management” has come to mean management of not just mobile […]

Google Workspace power tips: Tap into cross-app productivity

Google Workspace is an expansive suite of business and productivity apps. Its core apps — Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive, Gmail, and Meet — are worth mastering individually. They also have features that integrate with other Workspace apps. Knowing how these apps can work together can save time and broaden how you and your co-workers […]

Android file management: An easy-to-follow guide

When you think about your smartphone, apps and interfaces are probably the first things that come to mind. Beneath all that surface-level stuff, though, our modern mobile devices are filled with files — folders upon folders of ’em! — just like the clunky ol’ computers we’ve relied upon for ages. We may not come face […]