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Data security is as important as the physical security of your business premises nowadays.

Here are some great ways to improve data security in your business.


Be Careful with Mobile

The chances are your business allows your employees to access your network with their mobile phones and tablet devices.

But is this a good idea? You probably see it as no big deal, but it could be leaving the business open to cyber attacks.

When people use mobiles that aren’t properly secured to access your network, they’re unwittingly creating a pathway that can be used by hackers to attack your business.

Make sure you enforce security policies on the usage of mobile phones in your workplace to avoid this.


Plan for the Worst

No business owner likes to imagine the worst outcome. But all good business owners have to be prepared for every possible eventuality.

Every employee who deals with data and networks in your office should be aware of what their response should be in the event of dealing with a site hack or virus attack.

Put a plan in place and enforce it by making the rules very clear.

These rules should not only cover what to do in the event of a disaster but also what to do to avoid a disaster in the first place.


Encrypt Important Files

Any data that you store that’s in any way sensitive should be encrypted. When you’re storing the sensitive data of customers and clients, this is even more important.

If a hack takes place and your files aren’t encrypted, you could lose client information.

This is disastrous not only for the reputation of the business but financially too. The person whose information was hacked will almost certainly file a lawsuit against you for losing their data.

And you could have paid out a lot in compensation.


Use a Data Centre

If you no longer want to store data on-site, using a data center can be a good idea. They allow you to operate systems and store data in a safe, secure location away from physical threats.

You can create your own data center by finding a location, investing in the technology, and maintaining it by using systems like Adiabatic Cooling for Data Centres.

Alternatively, you could outsource to another company and let them take care of the process for you. It’s the best way to keep data safe.


Train Your Staff

Your employees are the ones working away on the front line of the businessThat means they need to know the threats that are posed to your data.

If they know what to look out for, they could be able to stop a cyber attack in its tracks and avert a potential disaster.

So, take some time to educate them and talk to them in-depth about the major threats to data security.

Tell them who to report incidents to and what to do in the event of an emergency.

You can send them away on training courses if you want to give them a more comprehensive overview of data security.


Install Firewalls

Installing firewalls is one of the best ways to protect your business from cyber-attacks.

Firewalls act as a barrier between your network and external threats, such as viruses and hackers.

They can also be used to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic, helping you identify and block malicious activity before it reaches your systems.

Firewalls can also be used to block access from certain IP addresses and restrict the activities of employees on your network, helping ensure that data is kept secure.


Update Software Regularly

Finally, make sure you keep all software up-to-date with the latest security patches.

When vulnerabilities are discovered in software, hackers can exploit them to gain access to your systems.

By updating all software regularly, you can ensure that any newly discovered vulnerabilities are patched and your data is kept safe from malicious attackers.


Use Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a must for any business looking to protect its data from cyber threats.

By using MFA, users must provide two or more pieces of evidence when they try to access your systems.

This could be something like a password and an SMS code sent to their mobile phone.


Final Words

Data security is essential for any business that wants to protect its data.

You can take steps such as encrypting important files, using a data center, training your staff, and installing firewalls to help keep your data safe from hackers.

Additionally, you should make sure all software is regularly updated with the latest security patches, and use multi-factor authentication to help protect against unauthorized access.

By keeping data secure, you can ensure your business remains safe and secure.  ​

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