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Among the experimental tools that Google offers is NotebookLM, a bare-bones notes app that you use in your web browser. What makes it interesting is that it uses Google’s generative AI chatbot (variously known as Bard or Duet AI and now rebranded as Gemini) to analyze sources of text that you “feed” it, and then generate notes based on the information in them.

Here are some scenarios where you might want to use NotebookLM:

To turn the contents of a long document into a brief summary.
To extract insights from several documents that cover a certain topic. For example, you can have NotebookLM analyze documents that pertain to a project that your business is working on.
To bring together and summarize information that you find while doing online research, such as snippets of text from web pages.

This guide will take you through setting up and using NotebookLM. You’ll need to have a Google user account to sign up for Google Workspace Labs (if you’re not already a member) and to sign in to NotebookLM. You must be 18 years old and live in the US to use NotebookLM.

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